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Solidarity Dues

Everyone benefits from GEOC's fight for a more equitable university, and all WSU graduate students are welcome as members. Dues are required only of members who are covered by our Collective Bargaining Agreement (GTAs and GSAs), but GRAs, other WSU graduate students, alumni, and supporters can sign up for Solidarity Dues to help us grow a strong union.

For GRAs and fellowship holders, we suggest a monthly Solidarity Dues payment of $26.57, representing just the local portion of GTA/GSA dues without including the parts that go to our state and national organizations. You can sign up for a 3-month (one semester) or 9-month (academic year) subscription, or make a one-time payment in any amount you like. Subscriptions begin when you sign up and are paid on a monthly basis.

3 Month Solidarity Dues

9 Month Solidarity Dues

1 Time

Solidarity Dues

**Payments can be ended any time by logging on to your paypal account.

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