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Important Resources

2023-2024 Member Packet

Learn about GEOC, Dues and other important union information.

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To be updated.


Please read the attached guide to determine your eligibility. Applications are currently closed.


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Survivors of Sexual Violence Fund Application

File a Grievance

Click here to fill out a form to report employment procedures in which you believe may be in violation of the GEOC contract.


To be updated.

Online Teaching Resources

WSU’s Office of Teaching and Learning


Pandemic Pedagogy Facebook Group


Dorothy’s Quick Start Guide: for each week/lesson include readings, 1 activity where they try something out or engage with the material, 1 discussion where they are prompted to talk about the lesson, and 1 learning aide which should provide an additional way to review material beyond reading assignments (slide deck with notes, a series of short videos or audio clips). If you do videos, keep them short (under 10 mins, preferably under 5 mins). Asynchronous learning provides the best opportunity of student success. Hold office hours via video call if you are able to. You can set one week up at a time instead of trying to get all of it set up now, which also allows you to adjust your approach as you go.

Check Your Pay and Benefits

Use this handy guide to make sure that that the deductions taken out of your paycheck and the amount you are paid is correct. You can also learn how to check your benefits and where to find them on Academica. Reach out to your department steward or a GEOC organizer if you have any questions.


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