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Why Join GEOC?

Hardship Funds

Every year, GEOC awards hardship funds to GTA's struggling for a variety of reasons. For more information on these funds please visit our Hardship Funds Page.

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SEVIS Reimbursement

Our contract requires WSU to refund SEVIS fees. Click here to read how or contact GEOC with any questions.

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Leadership Opportunities

As a member of GEOC you can be involved in running the union! Every position on the steering committee and department stewards are volunteer positions that give graduate employees the ability to grow their leadership skills.


Reduced Parking

Spanning several years, GEOC has fought for affordable parking on campus for graduate employees. Beginning with a sit-in of one of the parking offices protesting a cost increase (to the $7/day faculty rate), GEOC members have pushed Wayne State to recognize the financial hardship of graduate students. Thanks to that hard work we now pay student rate parking.

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Network with other GTAs & GSAs

Meet other graduate students in GEOC membership meetings and social events that attract students from different departments at Wayne State. 


Housing Fee Reimbursement

Beginning a few years back, GTAs and GSAs who lived in on-campus housing and signed up for a monthly payment plan could have the enrollment fee reimbursed.  Contact GEOC with any questions or would like to know if you qualify for reimbursement!

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