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Harvard Solidarity Statement

As the Harvard Graduate Students Union—UAW enters week two of their strike, GEOC stands in solidarity with their continued action in the face of administrative intransigence, a negotiation freeze, and threatening strike-checks across the University.

GEOC members will recognize many of the outstanding issues, including pay increases that don't keep up with the cost of living, insufficient support for student parents, and unaccountable processes for handling discrimination and harassment.

You can stay up to date with the strike on HGSU’s website, or their Facebook and Twitter accounts where you can add your voices in solidarity.

Below are some of HGSU’s unresolved proposals, which can be found in full on their site.

  1. Guarantee total compensation increases that reflect the value of student work, keep up with the cost of housing, and meet industry standards.

  2. Prevent financial aid reductions in response to increases in wages.

  3. Ensure a fair and timely procedure and grievance and arbitration rights for survivors of harassment and discrimination.

  4. Provide adequate health benefits, specifically with respect to dental, mental health, and specialist visits.

  5. Provide long- and short-term disability insurance and long-term care insurance.

  6. Offer paid family and medical leave and a benefits pool for graduate student parents.

  7. Mandate fee-free campus housing for graduate students.

  8. Promote flexible transportation benefits and affordable parking options.

  9. Deliver comprehensive financial support for professional development activities.

  10. Maintain an emergency fund for graduate students.

  11. Clarify graduate student workers’ titles and classifications, and how these correlate to specific duties and compensation.

  12. Ensure union access and rights to represent all graduate student workers.

If the HGSU proposals resonate with you and your experience at Wayne State, or if you have any other issues you’d like to raise for our upcoming bargaining session, contact your department steward or a member of GEOC leadership today, for the union makes us strong.

GEOC Steering Committee

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