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Bill to Delay Green Card Process

Read below about a potential law that is now in the senate. We have heard that it may be dead, but it could have dire consequences for potential international students at WSU and across the country.

Dear GEOC Committee,

As international graduate students, we took advantage of diversity-related educational opportunities at Wayne State University and we expect to ensure living and working effectively as members of a diverse, global society after graduation. In contrary, there is a bill (aka HR1044 or S386) passed in the house and presented to the Senate that reduces the national-origins diversity and delays the green card process by 6-10 years with significant unpredictability.

Why? The bill seeks to lift the per-country cap and switch to a first come first serve system. Given the large backlog for applicants from India, most green cards will be allocated to them for the next decade. If this bill becomes law, all new applicants are expected to wait for 10+ years including those from India, China and other countries. The bill does not address the root cause of the backlog; it just propagates the problem to 190+ other nations. Note that not having a green card comes with a lot of restrictions.

Below is a chart that shows the projected effect of this bill. This problem applies to thousands of nationals in employment-based categories of EB1, EB2, and EB3.

“If it becomes law, most of the flow of immigrants in the employment based green card categories will be from India, almost exclusively, for many years.” -- USCIS director (watch here)

Our goal is to spread the word to the people who are negatively impacted by this bill and work together to prevent it from passing. This bill could be voted on in the Senate anytime now! Which may result in a quick enactment. So please inform GEOC members and other associations ASAP! We greatly appreciate your support in every stage of our “study abroad” difficulties.

Let me know if you have any questions,


GEOC Members

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